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Spa Treatments

Ozone Jacuzzi Spa Bath - £10 for 20 minutes.

Why not treat your pet to the ultimate pamper experience by combining the groom with an ozone jacuzzi bath which delivers an effective bubble massage and thorough clean simultaneously. It features a colour changing ambience light and the combination of massage, ozone, heat, water and minerals to provide instant relief and relaxation for your pet.

Add Himalayan Sea Salts - £2

Create a restorative bath soak to nourish skin and coat and to relax the muscles. Rich in natural minerals and infused with essential oils, these salts are great for elderly pets or those experiencing muscle and joint pain.

Mineral Mud Treatment - From £10

This luxurious product combines a wealth of effective natural ingredients and antioxidants to cleanse, protect and rejuvenate the skin. The mineral complex of Dead Sea mud with olive oil, oats, honey and goats milk helps to relieve skin irritation, facilitates moulting and eliminates impurities from the coat.

Luxury Pawdicure - £10

Helps to soothe paws irritated from snow, salt treated pavements or for those that suffer from itchy feet. With its combination of vanilla and milk thistle this revitalising treatment includes a warm foot soak in the spa bath followed by a hot towel wrap, oatmeal paw butter pad massage and a nail trim to finish.

Nagayu Skin Therapy Treatment - From £5

Deep cleaning and odour removing, this treatment helps to maintain the health and quality of the skin and coat and alleviate symptoms associated with allergies and hair loss. A compressed tablet containing CO2, hydrogen and bicarbonate adds ions into the rinse following the shampoo, clearing mineral and silicon dirt from the hair root resulting in a full, silky healthy coat.

‘Hair Be Gone, Deshedding Treatment - £8

Perfect for those breeds prone to shedding our four step treatment starts with in bath hand shedding to loosen dead hair. An all natural specialist deshedding shampoo and conditioning rinse is then applied followed by the high velocity blaster to remove dead hair. A final deshedding with specialist tools to remove loose undercoat completes this effective treatment. 

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning - from £15

Vibration free without brushing, the soft bristles are held against the teeth and gums allowing the teeth to be cleaned gently without the irritation of vibration or noise. Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line to effectively kill germs and bacteria and combat bad breath, plaque and tartar build up, gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral cavity diseases.

Spa Treatment Packages

Why not treat your pet to one of our ultimate luxury spa packages. Choose from:

Gold Spa Package - £10

  • Application of teeth clean gel.
  • Fresh mint breath spray.
  • Blueberry and coconut facial cleanser.
  • Moisturising pomergranate and açai coat conditioner.
  • Hydrating oatmeal paw balm.
  • Hydrating nose balm.
  • Luxury coat cologne.

Silver Spa Package - £8

  • Application of teeth clean gel.
  • Fresh mint breath spray.
  • Hydrating oatmeal paw balm.
  • Hydrating nose balm.
  • Luxury coat cologne.

Pick & Mix Package - £5

Choose any 3 treatments from our gold/silver spa package for just £5.

Merishia Massage Therapy - coming soon. Available from Summer 2018.


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